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Xiuhe Tie Team participates in the training of Shan Ren College

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 This time our team went on a one-month study in the electronic commerce institute of Shan Ren College.

Although the sun was scorching in Shenzhen,

we could not resist the determination of our friends.




This is the 53rd overall output class of the e-commerce team of Shan Ren College.

At the opening ceremony, Dr. Shanren,

the founder of the group of Shan Ren College and a commentator of CCTV, came to the scene.




Our team is the third group of Shan Ren College of electronic commerce.

Its name is the Overlord Team.Come on!




This time, our team will work hard and try again.

We will attack the champion and try our best to win the championship.


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