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  • What are your main products?[ 10-23 10:51 ]

    Xiuhe mainly provide custom waistcoat, ties, bowtie, pocket square, scarves, suspenders and etc.

  • How can I contact with you[ 10-23 10:55 ]

    You can contact us through the social software in our official website, or email to us. You can also call us directly: 86-575-83550786; 0086-150-6855-0598

  • How about your production capacity[ 10-23 10:56 ]

    Now, our monthly production capacity is 30000 sets waistcoat and 100000 pcs of ties

  • What is your company's address?[ 10-23 10:58 ]

    3/F, East Block, No. 3 Standard Workshop, Xiayuantang Industrial Park, Chengdong Economic Development Zone, Shengzhou, Shaoxing, Zhejiang, China (Mainland)

  • Can I come over to visit your company?[ 10-23 10:59 ]

    Of course, we receive hundreds of visiting customers every year and we are looking forward to your visit.

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we can offer all kinds of custom vest , ties, bowties, and etc. just contact us
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