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The Dragon Boat Festival in Xiuhe tie factory

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 Tomorrow is The Dragon Boat Festival-A special day for all Chinese.

It has been set up since thousands of years ago to commemorate a man

named Qu Yuan,


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who made huge achievement for his country and commit suicide by jumping into the Miluo River. 

All of schools, enterprises and institutions will have a holiday on Dragon Boat Festival,

People always clean the house, hold dragon-boat racing and eat zongzi,

children will get a sachet to hung it on the neck.


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Being a custom necktie factory, Although we have a lot orders need to be done,

Xiuhe ties factory also follow the traditional customs, and we decide to stop work Tomorrow.

And we will resume production the day after tomorrow,

so it is no need to worry about your order.


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Xiuhe ties factory, professionally customize all kinds of

neckties, bow ties, pocket squares, scarves and waistcoats.

Customer 's satisfaction is our pursuit 


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Custom ties, find Xiuhe!


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