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The novelty tie specially designed for “lazy men”

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In daily life, the neckties are always important for men,

because they are indispensable in some special occasions.

There are always someone who hate wearing ties just because they don't know how to tie one. 

The length of the traditional tie can be up to 1.5 m,

and More than half of the tie, you have to make more than half of it be around your neck,

This is a kind of meticulous work and may takes you several minutes,

If unhappily you cannot tie it very well, it can also affect your Personal image.

     So, are there any good methods to solve this problem?

 Again, Xiuhe tie factory says “Yes”. Today,

Xiuhe tie factory launched a new product-the buckle-tie。


custom tie


This is a new design, we shorten the length of the tie,

Add a buckle to make it easy to wear.


custom tie


When you are going to wear it,you just need to buckle it in the neckline of your shirt.

What is amazing is that the others can't see its difference.


custom tie


Xiuhe factory is a professional custom tie factory with more than 17 years' experience 

Our designers have been keen to design and develop new products.

Customer satisfaction is our pursuit  

We look forward to communication with you about ties customization.


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