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A tie sees through a man

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 A person's dress is the most true portrayal of his upbringing, taste and financial resources.

When it comes to clothes, there is a saying: "Women's closets are always less clothes, men's closets are always less ties. "

On more important occasions, it is very important for men to wear a tie. Tie has become a classic male decoration,

it can often reflect the man's age, occupation, temperament, culture and economic ability!

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1.A man who knows a lot of things must know the origin of a tie

Wearing a formal suit and wearing a beautiful tie gives people a sense of elegance and dignity.

However, the tie that symbolizes civilization has evolved from civilization.

The earliest ties can be traced back to the Roman Empire.

At that time, the soldiers were wearing scarves on their chests.

They were used to wipe the swabs of the sabers.

During the battle, they dragged the sabers to the scarves to wipe the blood from them.

Therefore, most modern neckties use striped patterns.

This is the origin of the tie.

2.Wearing a short-sleeved shirt and tie is not a good idea

A tie is the soul of a suit and is often worn in a suit.

You can't wear a suit without a tie.

On the other hand, when you don't wear a suit, you don't have to wear a tie.

Therefore, if someone wears a short-sleeved shirt and tie, it will give others a sense of concern.

The man who really knows how to dress etiquette, no matter how hot the weather, he is dressed in a suit.

If you wear a short-sleeved shirt and tie, it's not a good idea.

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3. the material of the tie, reflecting grade and economic strength

The best material for neckties is silk, and people who really care about them and have a certain economic base will choose silk neckties.

Silk neckties are bright in color but not dazzling.

The use of this tie is not limited by time, place, and character.

There are similar silk polyesters or polyesters and silk blends.

It is stronger than silk neckties. There is also a gorgeous sense of silk neckties.

However, the rayon's tie, at the beginning of the appearance of gorgeous,

more than a few times after easy deformation, of course, its advantages are cheap.

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4.The color of the tie reflects his character

The choice of tie color usually reflects his character.

People who choose warm colors(red, yellow, and orange) ties are usually lively, cheerful, passionate, bold and creative.

And those who choose cold tones(blue, green, and purple) tend to be more mature and stable.

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5.A man who knows how to match a suit with a tie knows principle

A tie with a suit also reflects a man's principles.

The cultured Gentleman knows the principle of matching a tie with a suit.

The tie is only a supporting role and will not put the cart before the horse.

However, a smart man in a five-day shift, his tie changed every day,

he gave the feeling that he was changing clothes every day.

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6.tie and suit color match, reveal his aesthetic ability

Usually, the color of the suit and shirt is the traditional color.

The most typical is a white or blue shirt with a black, gray or dark blue suit.

At this point, tie embellishment becomes the focus.

No matter how low-key he wants to be,

a person who knows how to match a tie to the color of his shirt must know that he will not let the color of the shirt "swallow" the color of the tie because it will look lifeless and uninteresting.

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