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Prevention and removal techniques of necktie folds

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Now, whether men or women are ready to wear a few ties,
whether to attend important events or to wear regular clothes,
neckties are no longer the representative of business,
and there are more patterns. For neckties, the biggest headache is dealing with wrinkles.
Some expensive neckties are being handled more carefully.
Next, we teach you the prevention and treatment techniques of tie creases,
hoping to help you solve your troubles.


First, how to prevent tie appear fold?

1.The so-called prevention in the future, should be avoided as far as possible at the beginning,

the following small suggestions can help you effectively prevent tie folds:

2.Don't tie your necktie too tightly;

3.After use, remember to untie the tie knot, otherwise the tie will appear permanent folding;

When traveling, wrap the tie in a circle and put it in the trunk.

Do not let other items squeeze the tie too much.

To avoid squeezing, consider using a tie box.


Second, how to effectively remove the fold on the tie? 

Even if you are careful when using it, you can not completely avoid it.

There are still slight folds after use. Then you can try the following methods:

1.Hanging a tie for a period of time can make some slight folds disappear;

2.You can try to roll the tie into a roll and flatten the folds during the process,

then put the entire tie on the table for a period of time,

followed by a suspension for a period of time;

3.If the folds are more serious, you need to iron them.


Third,Tie ironing tips

When the folds are serious, it is necessary to iron the tie:

1.Before ironing a tie, it is best to cover the tie with clean cotton cloth for protection;

2.It is best to keep the iron at a lower temperature;

3.For silk fabrics, the temperature of the iron should not be higher than 140 °C.

In the case of woolen fabrics, the temperature should not be higher than 170 °C.

4.If possible, avoid ironing your tie.

Improper ironing can also damage fabrics(such as bad temperature control) and may make your tie too flat.

If you can avoid it, it's best to be careful from the start not to let the collar have too serious folds.


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