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How to tell a silk tie from a polyester tie

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 1.Identification of Tie Raw Materials


Due to the improvement in the post-processing technology of silk neckties and polyester neckties,

it is no longer possible to distinguish them with the hands or the naked eye.

Therefore, the general difference between these two methods is to use fire.

Generally, you can turn a little fabric into the thread of the tie.

Burn with a lighter can be clear, touch the flame to form a lump of polyester,

the powder is the silk, so simple is also a commonly used method. Note, only burn the first thread, burn bad tie!


2.The difference between lining



Generally speaking, you can use it to see,

polyester lining, basically white.

Grapefruit lining, usually black or dark yellow.

Wool lining, generally yellow.

If you still can not distinguish, you can use the same method to distinguish tie fabrics.

The principle is that natural raw materials become carbon when they encounter fire.

Therefore, natural fabrics are more environmentally friendly.

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