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How a handmade necktie is made in Xiuhe tie Factory

Visit: - Release time: 2017-03-11 16:36:00
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 Generally speaking,

The neckties can be divided into two classes

according to the production process: The handmade ties and machine-made ties.

And The former are more popular because of their beautiful appearance and reliable quality.

Today, we are going to visit a professional old-line tie factory

-Xiuhe tie Factory, to see how a handmade necktie is made.


handmade tie

Step One: Tailoring

The experienced tailor worker cut the fabric into the specific size and shape

according to the customer's requirements.


Spread out the fabric

Step two: Spread out the Semi-finished products


handmade tie

Step Three: Sew both ends respectively

handmade tie

Step Four:Put the lining in and ironing


handmade tie

Setp Five:Sew median line


handmade tie

End: Roll it up


   Well, here is the complete process to make a ordinary handmade tie,

After reading all of the pictures, do you have any desire to make a handmade tie for yourself?

 Or just Give your order to Xiuhe, and we are sure to make you satisfied.



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