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How to wear cuff links on different occasions

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 How to wear cuff links on different occasions



Cuff links can reflect a man's taste, being the

essential men's clothing accessories,

A pair of Suitable cuff links can make thoroughly you show men's charm.

However,how to wear your cuff links on different occasions? 


(1) Office Occasions:

you'd better choose transparent or dark blue cuff links,

to match your white shirt and dark necktie, and this makes you look reliable.


(2) Serious occasion:

A pair of metal cuff links should be chosen to match your dark business shirt and Black suit,

you will look Serious under this kind of collocation.


(3) The party:

when you are going to a party, after wearing your Light color of a shirt

and casual ties, it’s better to wear a pair of dark cuff links,

metal or elastic,both are okay, which helps shows youthful vitality.


(4) Other occasion:

Grey shirt, matched with Bright silver cuff links,

with Bright silver tie, This make you look calm and noble.


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