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The memorable birthday party of Xiuhe custom tie factory

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Today, Xiuhe custom tie factory held a wonderful party for our colleagues

whose birthdays are in November.



It was the last day of November, and it was also a rare opportunity

for everyone to get together and relax themselves.



Not As usual, We hold it at the end of this month,

cause we are so busy in work that it was peak season and everyone has too much work to do.

We put down our work and got together in our Banquet hall, 

Amee was the presenters of the party. Firstly danced with the dynamic music.



while the masters of the birthday standing in the middle of the crowd,

we sing birthday songs.



And Alice prepared gifts for everyone.

We take turns to embrace them and blessed them.

Xiuhe is a professional custom ties factory,



At the end of 2017,

xiuhe custom tie factory has achieved a 50% increase in the order amount in the past year,

which Inspires everyone of xiuhe custom tie factory.

and we are not only a factory,



We are committed to become a professional enterprise with good atmosphere, We are trying!

Customize ties, waistcoats, scarves and other clothing accessories,

Welcome to Xiuhe!


we can offer all kinds of custom vest , ties, bowties, and etc. just contact us
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